Andrey Kachalyan
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Andrey Kachalyan


A teacher at Moscow Rodchenko Art School (video and editing),

at School of Creative Photography (basics of photography),

 at South Federal University, Institute of Philology, Journalism and Intercultural Communication (the fundamentals of film and video production).


Corporate photography and videos of production sites, office lifestyle, portraits of heads of the departments.

Model tests, lookbooks, artistic and creative industry.

Event reports, conferences, city night life.


Ogonek-Ъ, Kommersant-Ъ, Educational Centre Sirius,,, Theatre of Nations, Bolshoy Theatre, Russian Academic Youth Theatre, Theatre DOC, Multimedia Art Museum, Museum of Moscow, German Historical Institute, Deutsche Bank Russia, South Federal University, company "Akado ", company "Nicola M", company" FBC", Gorod N, Expert South, Real business. The nominee of Kandinsky Prize 2013, participated in various exhibitions and film festivals in Russia and abroad. Selected works are in the collection of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow and in private collections in Vienna.


For me the most important things in the frame are the emotions, nuances of mood, personality of people, their sincere relationships: how they look to each other, touch to each other and etc. 

I'd like, that the people I photograph, remained themselves, without having to copy the manner of pop stars.  

However, I often tell how and where better to get up, but you need to understand that a nice photo is always the result of your and my joint efforts. 

I only suggest the shape, composition, you fill it with content and meaning: your emotions, joy and love for each other.


2010-2013 Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Rodchenko, Igor Mukhin's class "The Direct Photography", Moscow

2013-2014 Academy of Fine Arts, a workshop prof. Dorit Margreiter's class "Video and video installation", Vienna